Public Authority for Applied Education and Training to Boost Students and Lecturers’ Productivity with Office 365 for Education

In line with the belief in the importance of leveraging technology to develop employable skills to prepare youth for a stronger future, Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) has announced that Microsoft Office 365 product is now deployed and ready to be used by the establishment’s students, faculty, and staff.

The new Microsoft office 365 which was installed at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) is considered to be the largest deployment of Office 365 in Kuwait. Over 60 thousand users between students, faculty, and staff will be able to make full use of the great benefits this program offers.

Office 365 provides a variety of services, including business class e-mail, cloud storage and file sharing, in addition to the Microsoft Office suite. Students, faculty and staff at PAAET campuses will now be able to work from anywhere, as Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology makes it possible to centrally manage connections more easily and efficiently.

Facilities now available to all PAAET students and educators include an email account for their college or institute, 1 TB of cloud storage, 15 copies of free Office applications, and some education-focused applications. Office 365 pushes for collaboration between educators and students in and out of the classroom, and drives for collaboration between students.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Athari, the Director General of PAAET, said: “Technology is a critical component in ensuring that we deliver the highest quality educational experience to our students, while enabling them, and their teachers, to connect at their convenience. Microsoft offers the best solution for our needs with Office 365, which will empower our faculty, students and staff with greater access to essential functions.”

Charles Nahas, Microsoft Kuwait’s General Manager, said: “Microsoft is committed to supporting the education sector, and Office 365 is proving to be very beneficial for both students and faculty. As a technology enabler, Microsoft works with educational institutions to provide the technology tools that can transform the experience. With the mix of applications and tools in Office 365, PAAET students and faculty will find solutions that will help them be more efficient and effective in their roles”.

“Our engagement with the Authority has given us improved insights into the specific requirements of public organisations, and how technology can help create efficiencies. We believe that this solution set can be effectively translated into other usage scenarios with other organisations and authorities, directly contributing to the technological advancement of the public sector in Kuwait.” Nahas added.

Microsoft takes a holistic and long-term approach to supporting education and is working closely with governments, educators, parents, students and NGOs in Kuwait to open up access to technology that can improve the quality of teaching as well as the learning experience for students of all ages.

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