Register now to attend BarCamp 2016 in Kuwait

Barcamp (20 + 22) is coming up on October 8th, 2016 from 3 PM till 8 PM at Mafazec (Al-Hamra Mall, 16th floor), unless we’re invaded by aliens before that.

The event will be from 3 PM till 10 PM. 3-3:30 is networking (getting to know/meet people) + prayer break, then we start presenting @ 3:30 on wards.

Register Now!

Registration is for both attendees & speakers,
so we can estimate the number of seats

Topic Focus

Technology & IT in general: Networking, SEO techniques, Programming, Web Design, Hardware, …etc.

Presentations must be about existing and implemented ideas, not concepts, as they give insight to hows & whats of the project rather than fantasizing about it.

Security Auditing (Hacking) and Proof of Concepts are welcome, but affected parties should be notified and invited to the event.

If this is a new exploit, net etiquette dictates that one should notify the affected party (company owning code) about the exploit 3 months prior to releasing the code to the public. The affected party must know about what the auditor is about to present, and the auditor must not share the PoC code with anyone apart from the affected party.

You are not allowed to sell a product or advertise it for the sake of selling it. You may NOT present an idea then ask the audience of geeks to help you implement it!

Presentations will be screened & checked by the organizers before the speaker presents to make sure everyone is in compliance with our rules. Sorry, but some have violated these last time, so this has to be done.

Presentation Timing

Presentations should be 10 minutes long then 5 minutes for questions and answers, so 15minutes in total.

Special Needs

If you have a special need to access the venue or require certain medical assistance to be available just in case (epilepsy, for example), please let us know so we take proper arrangements.

Contact and Registration

Shaymaa (a.k.a @ahmshay )
Twitter: @ahamshay

Majed (a.k.a MBH)
Twitter: @mbhbox
Email: mbhkewl [at]

Twitter account: @barcampkw
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