Kuwait University adopts Office 365 for increased collaboration and enhanced learning

University holds joint event with Microsoft to announce successful roll out of Office 365 in its bid to enhance collaboration and productivity across the institution.

Kuwait City, Kuwait – As part of their mission to incorporate latest innovative technologies in higher education, Kuwait University, one of the region’s leading institutes, successfully rolled out Microsoft Office 365 suite for its faculty and students to enhance communication and productivity in learning. This was announced at a joint event with Microsoft, held lately at the university’s campuses – Khalidiya and Shuwaikh.

The event attended by representatives from Microsoft and Kuwait University’s faculty hosted various sessions for staff, educators and students, on the use of Office 365 and its suite of application including OneNote and Microsoft Classroom.

Since its inception nearly 50 years ago, Kuwait University strives to encourage innovation and development within the education sector. Adoption of Office 365 email services and applications will serve as a collaborative platform within the institution and make it effective for teachers to manage their classroom, students to learn, and IT administrators to set it all up; fostering a professional and more cohesive learning environment.

“At Kuwait University, we take pride in ourselves on imparting superior quality higher education in an intellectually stimulating environment. To deliver on our promise, we needed a solution that met all our operational and technical requirements.” Said Dr. Ammar Alhusaini, Assistant Vice President for IT, Kuwait University. “Microsoft Office 365 came in as the right choice for its ease of use and performance. The move will boost productivity for our faculty members, enable effective and easy management for our IT staff, and enhance learning environments for students to achieve more.

Office 365 will now be available to all faculty, staff and students with access to 50GB email, 1TB of cloud storage, and the eligibility to download Office 2016 without any cost; increasing productivity and efficiency across all departments in the university.

“Built with students and faculty members mind, our solutions create dynamic learning experiences while boosting efficiency, mobility and collaboration in the education sector. Said Charles Nahas, Microsoft Kuwait. The adoption of Office 365 will enable Kuwait University take one step further in the era of digital transformation and attain better security and compliance, more reliable and quicker means of communication and seamless integration across all their functions; allowing them to achieve more.”

The university has successfully migrated more than 45000 users from their current email platform to Office 365, and can now avail an array of educational and productivity features embedded in Microsoft’s Office 365 suite. With free download availability, site creation, group content management, faster email collaboration and real-time working on documents, teachers and students can leverage cloud technology for smarter learning and sharing.

With Kuwait’s rising population, which is expected to increase each year by 2.8% until 2020, the government is determined to keep pace with demand by incorporating latest technology solutions in academic institutions across the country. Kuwait University’s adoption of Office 365 cloud services provides a secure and reliable platform to manage all communications; increasing agility, flexibility and cost effectiveness for educators and students alike.

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